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Выявление слабых и сильных сторон

Стратегия выводы компании из кризиса и поэтапными шагами.
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Все блоки компании от маркетинга до финансов.

Выявление слабых и сильных сторон

Стратегия выводы компании из кризиса и поэтапными шагами.
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Anna Apelska

I will help you to solve your business problems related to managing the company in a crisis, increasing sales, developing the competencies of employees

Эксперт с 15 летним опытом
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From consultations and training to conducting an audit and building a strategy
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How can I help you?
If you are only planning to open a studio, office, an online business, or to expand an existing one, where you need a strategy and structured approach, get in touch with me.
We will definitely find the best solution!
Company owners
Managing Directors
Novice entrepreneurs
For whom
6 000 rub for 2 hours

Follow-up consultation - 4000 rub
Figures (sales, expenses / income, or financial model)
Interviewing topics of your interest

duration- 2 hours
Initial strategy or idea (where you started)
A small file (or description) with sales channels
Customers or objections
Description of the target audience and competitors (as you see them)
How can I help you?
Creation of the strategy
An integrated approach to business development. We take the existing situation and work out possible options for action in each individual aspect of the business.
Small business
Medium business
For whom
The cost of the service depends on the number of people in the company and on the complexity of the product

Up to 20 people: from 50,000

Over 20 people: from 70,000

Market and competitor analysis
Regular meetings with the owner and employees of the company. Studying organization documents. Strategy development in the form of a voluminous document
Marketing analysis
Financial model
HR as a brand
Sale system audit
Development plan, or repositioning
Social networks and PR
Anti-crisis plan
Additionally, experts in the field of finance and law may be involved. If necessary, I will help with the hiring of employees.
How can I help you?
Producing educational projects
Educational projects and startups
HR organizations
For whom
Analysis of the idea and market
Competitive analysis
Hypothesis testing and demand
Open classes
Setting training goals
Surveys of :
- experts
- employers or hunters
- target audience, current students
Recruitment, work with experts and teachers
Designing a training model
Preparation of the program planning
Methods and Tools
Video, design, platform selection
Coordination of marketing and sales departments
How can I help you?
For beginners
There is a bonus for those who are just planning to open a business, but do not know where to start.

After a one-time payment, further project support can be carried out at the expense of a percentage of the company's profit.

Financial model
from 25 000 rub
Hypothesis testing
Sales channel
How can I help you?
Audit followed by department strategy
If your system is configured as a whole, but there is a separate area that needs to be worked out, this service is ideal for you
Employee Competencies
Promotion and PR
Audit: each individual block costs from 20 thousand rubles.

Strategy: It is discussed after audit results
Financial performance
This block includes project support for three months. But no more than two meetings a month.
Marketing expenses
Other document
Sales plan
Project management

(marginality, withdrawal of new projects, or upgrade of existing ones)
Finance Department

Three reasons to start cooperation today

The financial crisis has hit real business income. We cannot significantly affect macroeconomic events, but we are able to take the necessary measures.

this is how I can help you
  • Minimize Crisis
    Thanks to well-developed crisis management techniques, we will jointly stabilize the situation in the company.
  • Build a long-term development strategy
    During financial instability, it is important to have a clear plan of actions for the most likely development scenarios.
  • Improve staff and owner skills
    The main competitive advantage of the company is employees. By investing in your main asset you increase your chances of success.
About my job
within 14 points
Business Planning and Strategies
Markom and analytics
Sales and CRM
Budgeting and Management
Conversions and Leads
Brand reputation
Brand building
Audit and building sales and marketing
PR technology and promotion
Employee training
Team building
KPI and motivation
Consulting and crisis management
Finance and PL
Numbers confirm everything
Quantitative indicators are ones of the easiest performance measurement tools
years of successful practice in marketing, management and sales
consultations held
companies invited me to develop the competencies of their employees
My history

I am a graduate of the conservatory, and my path was thorny and difficult. There were few people who wanted to hire a person with a higher musical education. But I always thought that I got a brilliant education. I took the best that I could: perseverance, punchy character, understanding of psychology, the practice of communication with people of different ages and income. Then there was the faculty of journalism at Moscow State University.

I started my career at Pronto-Moscow (irr.ru) as an assistant, but two months later I was promoted to a client manager.

A year later, I got the position of the head of the customer service department of the BeWell full-cycle advertising agency. I reached the peak of the development in the study and use of agency services.

Having felt the " glass ceiling", I moved to the position of client service director in the communication agency CREATORIC with more complex structural service. Among my clients there were: Sibur Russian tires, Sanofi Pharma, Bayer, Nycomed and other brands.

Then there was GameLand, where I managed not only to prove that I was a valuable part of the team, but also to convince people to open up new opportunities. Together we launched social networks, developed online special projects. They sold them. That time they were print magazines. Then followed Gazprom Media - the "7 days" electronic media directorate. It was the work with content, special projects, traffic, and of course conversions.

Another of my projects was the large Scream School (Holding of the British Higher School of Design). Within a short time I created a leading educational project in the field of training for the industries of computer graphics, animation and game development. Our task was to prepare the best personnel for working in Russian and foreign studios. They achieved a margin of 47%, launched a mentoring program with the best studios and partners, and achieved student growth from 250 to more than 1,000 people.

After that I devoted a lot of time to the development of Gazeta.ru - I started as a marketing director, then I grew up to a managing director and then I was already raised to the very heart of Commerce Rambler - to the Directorate for Commercial Operations. I've always been interested in a mix of tasks and areas. I conceived subtle settings. When you get your experience, the experience of colleagues you apply and upgrade it in different areas. This is called flexible communications.This is personal contact. I am the person who, before declaring the numbers, will test them for a number of hypotheses. And only then I subscribe to them. People and team are important to me.

Now I see myself as a partner and business manager, who can apply the acquired skills and connections. I consider a project to be important when people can invest in themselves, and the industry receive high-quality personnel. I can and want to make the industry quality and help to set up processes where my help is needed.
Feedback about cooperation
  • У Анны есть три ключевых качества, которые характеризуют ее навыки:
    1) Понимание ключевых задач проекта с прицелом на бизнес-результат.
    2) Способность организовать команду профессионалов: сплотить, включить в процесс. Получить результат (смотри пункт 1).
    3) Digital от слова «опыт». Опыт живой и практический. Реальное отношение к задачам.

    И все это - живой, умный и позитивный человек.

    Леонид Бугаев
  • Анна удивительно хороша при решении сложных нестандартных задач в области продаж, маркетинга и управления в целом. Необычайно коммуникабельна, выстраивает эффективные отношения вне зависимости от целевой аудитории. В своей работе всегда демонстрирует структурированный и четкий подход к ведению бизнеса, ориентируясь строго на результат и достигая его вне зависимости от выставленных условий. Обладает лидерскими качествами и хорошим чувством юмора.
    Способна быстро настроить правильную работу команды, много внимания и времени инвестирует в командообразование и повышение компетенций членов своей команды. О ее работоспособности можно слагать легенды, за тем лишь исключением, что это не является выдумкой, у Ани гарантированно в сутках больше 24 часов.
    Виталий Терентьев
  • Анна отличный профессионал! Это человек, с которым не только очень приятно работать, но и очень полезно работать. Потому что работа от профи, выполненная грамотно и в срок, доставляет исключительное удовольствие! А ещё Анна умеет увлечь людей тем, что она делает. Желаю Анне большой удачи и надеюсь, что мы обязательно ещё поработаем вместе!
    Мария Кузовлева
  • Anna is incredibly professional. Strong competencies include leadership, negotiation skills, teamwork, and public speaking. Lack of snobbery and arrogance. Brilliantly communicates with teenagers. Ready to take responsibility, not afraid of difficulties, able to see long-term prospects
    Ирина Фирсова. Smart-мама
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